Want to learn more about Treble.Reviews and what it can do for your business? You’ve come to the right place as here’s everything you need to know. Treble.Reviews is a platform that is designed to collate reviews of your business, including those from third-party websites. This information can be used for two reasons.
Firstly, positive testimonials can paint the company in a better light. Secondly, entrepreneurs can address the negative reviews by connecting with those customers. This essentially gives you a second chance with currently unsatisfied clients. The software collects reviews from all independent review sites that matter. From there, business owners have a host of options that allow them to respond and react to what customers are actively saying.

Why Is It So important?

In today’s market, up to 98% of consumers begin their interactions with businesses via digital interactions. Reading customer reviews forms a crucial aspect of their research.

Given the power of recommendation, both positive and negative words from previous users can have a big impact on a potential customer’s view.

The Treble Reviews platform helps businesses leverage success by promoting the good and rectifying the bad.


Treble Reviews utilises several key features to keep business owners like you on top of their customer reviews game at all times. These include:

Acquire, manage and use customer reviews from various channels. Automatically stream the best reviews to websites and social media channels. Manually select to hide negative reviews from your channels. Automatically spot and monitor trends to see where changes are required. Respond to all customer reviews (good and bad) from one dashboard.
The Treble Reviews platform can be used to manage multiple locations with the same level of ease as a single one. So, even if your business is blessed with multiple stores or premises, maintaining control is a very simple task.


What Separates Treble Reviews From Competing Models?

Treble Reviews isn’t the only product that promises to help businesses in this way. The fact that you can manage multiple venues and third-party review systems all from one dashboard separates it from the crowd. However, the easy navigation and automated segregation of good and bad reviews are just the start.

Users can respond to negative reviewers by directly, even offering special promotions and offers in a bid to win them back around.

With the use of alerts, recurring reports and the ability to control review snippets for better SEO, this is the only product that is ever required. And that’s regardless of the industry your business is in.

The platform offers a lot of customisation and branding opportunities too. As such, owners of franchises, for example, can take advantage of adding sub users and a full-featured client dashboard. Whether you need to embrace those features right away or have one eye on the future, this can make a telling difference.

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Designed for individual marketers and consultants. Treble Reviews allows the management of complete review campaigns for one or more businesses.

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